Course permit & Rules/Etiquette

Kurzplatzreife KPR (Short Course permit)

With a Short Course permit both members of Golf-Club Hof Hausen vor der Sonne and guests are permitted to play the 6 hole Short Course. The Short Course permit is only valid for the 6 hole Short Course in Golf-Club Hof Hausen vor der Sonne. This is a great opportunity for every beginner who hasn’t a full playing permit, to play and practice on a golf course.

The Short Course permit is presented on passing through the following program including playing 6 holes with the golf pro:

    • KPR course 11 hours by an academy pro with instruction on: putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play
    • Full swing with both short and mid irons and a rules and etiquette seminar

DGV-Platzreife PR (German Golf Association course permit)

We offer both members and guests the possibility to acquire an official DGV-Platzreife (PR).
The content in the DGV-Platzreife is uniform throughout Germany. After passing the exam, you are entitled when a member of a golf club, to play many German golf courses as well in Golf-Club Hof Hausen vor der Sonne.

The DGV-Platzreife PR exam consists of 3 parts:

Part 1: Appropriate conduct on the golf course; Rules and etiquette in a practical application
Part 2: Play 9 holes on the golf course accompanied by a golf pro with a score of minimum 12 “Stableford” points
Part 3: Theory; 30 multiple choice questions on rules and etiquette.

Rules and etiquette:

Seminars are offered for members and guests. Further information is obtained via Phone 0172 6924269 or Independent from the DGV-Platzreife guests may attend at anytime the rules and etiquette seminars.

PDF course registration form to print out

PDF registration form for rules and etiquette seminar to print out

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