Swing analysis / Video

Throughout the whole year the James Annable Golf Academy offers indoor golf training, where you can analyse with the expertise of a pro your swing technique.

Do you know if; you swing the golf club from in to out or out to in? – your arm swing is too steep and in front or too flat and behind you? – you are hitting too early or too late with the club head? – your club face during the back swing is too open or too closed? – your playing partners are correct when telling you that you lift your head too early or your left arm isn’t straight enough during the swing?

Take a look for yourself!

  1. We can analyse your swing regardless of the weather.
  2. By means of a video analysis it will enable the PGA Golf to show and help you improve your swing plane, angle of attack, club face position, all extremely important elements of achieving a neutral impact position.

To make an indoor video analysis appointment, please contact your pro.

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